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White#12 Draw Plate

White#12 Draw Plate for Viking Weave

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Description, Reviews, & Technical Information

A draw plate is essential for making Viking weave wire jewelry.  It's used to "draw" your initial weave down to a smaller diameter.  Draw plates are used with smooth jewelry wire or craft wire.  Several other draw plate designs are available, including do-it-yourself versions. The White#12 Draw Plate is unique.

Preferred Features
If you are already delighted with a wooden draw plate that you own & use, don't buy this new design (buy more wire instead).  

How to use
Begin by pulling your wire weave through the largest useful hole, then use progressively smaller holes to reach the right size.  This method is demonstrated in the Double Knit Viking Weave DVD.  See Viking Weave video for a brief demonstration.

Clean with soap & water.  Protect from these conditions:
The White#12 Draw Plate is manufactured in USA from a tough, slippery thermoplastic polymer developed by Dupont.  The design is based on successful prototypes sold locally since 2005.