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Boyds Bears & Friends Collectibles

If you've never seen a Boyds Bear figurine with your own eyes, these pictures can only hint at the characteristic details.

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Bearstone - Noah's Ark Characters, Picture Frames, Votives, FOB Collectors Boxes, Music Boxes, Water Globes

Bearstone - Christmas, Santa, and Winter - Figurines, Ornaments, Votives, Picture Frames, Music Boxes

Bearstone - Figurines - Bears, Bunnies, Cats (and Bears!)

Carvers Choice - Snow and Santa Theme Figurines, Ornaments, Picture Frames

Folkstone - Figurines, Ornaments, Boyd's Angels, Votives, Water Globes, Picture Frames

Glass Smith Ornaments, Le Bearmoge Porcelain Memory Boxes, and a Cookie Jar

Purrstone - Cats!

Shoe Box Bears - Figurines

Village - Buildings (removable roofs) and Characters

Wee Folkstone - Figurines and Shelf Sitters - Faeries, Frogs, Snow People

Yesterdays Child - Figurines, Votives, Water Globes

General Description

We offer mostly 2E Boyd's Bear & Friends collectibles manufactured between 1990 to 2001 under direction of G.M. Lowenthal.  The current value of each piece is much higher than its original store price.  Figurines are typically labeled with issue edition# or month (by the factory).  For example, "2E" means it's from the 2nd group issued within that design series.

Figurines are primarily composed of tough resin.  A few items are made of porcelain or other materials, such as the cookie jar, small memory boxes, ornaments, and Le Bearmoge items.

Sizes in descriptions were measured to the nearest 1/2 inch.

Photographic Accuracy:

  • Displayed color can differ slightly from actual color; image background should appear gray.
  • When viewing a close-up, consider the actual size.  On a small figurine, the texture and lines are highly exaggerated versus normal.
  • Some figurines appear shinier in bright photographic lights than in typical room lighting.
  • A photo shows only one perspective.  These figurines are designed to look great when viewed from any side.

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