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Dichroic Glass Cabochons - Services

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Prices on this page range from $1.50 to $4.75 (more for necklaces).

Additional Services

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Glass button-back, up to 18-gauge thread - $2 

Attached near center on back 

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Necklace for pendant - links to a new page

Options:  silver plated, chain, or leather 

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Bail attached to purchased cabochon, centered on shortest edge:

Large, silver plated bail, 5x8mm opening - $4.75

Small, silver plated bail, 3x4mm opening - $4.50

Large, gold plated bail, 5x8mm opening - $4.75

Small, gold plated bail, 3x4mm opening - $4.50

Bail, not attached:

Large, silver plated bail, 5x8mm opening - $1.50

Large, gold plated bail, 5x8mm opening - $1.50

Bails can be glued to glass using E6000 adhesive, available from 

most craft & hardware stores.  Ensure both surfaces are clean.

For Special Requests

You can provide any special instructions in the order comments, for example, to change the usual position of the bail.  Please include the product code for that individual cabochon.  If we don't understand the request, we will email you for clarification before the order can be processed.

For Complex Orders

It's possible to make a single order combining some plain cabochons, some adding button backs, and some adding bails.  To prevent confusion, it's essential to complete your order in the same sequence it should be filled.  Alternatively, send detailed instructions in the order comments section.

With a complex order, we process the items using the same sequence as you used while ordering.  This keeps it simple. 

Example order:  4 individual cabochons, followed by 4 button backs
Shipment:  4 cabochon glass buttons

Example order:  2 cabochons, 2 cabochons, and 2 bails
Shipment:  First 2 cabochons will ship as-is, last two cabochons will ship as pendants

Example order:  4 cabochons, followed by 2 bails, followed by 2 button backs
Shipment:  Too complicated.  Best to either group the cabochons with their parts, or provide special instructions per product code in the order comments.