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Dichroic Glass Pendant and Earring Sets

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Specifications for this page:
Pendant length varies from approximately 1-1/4 inches to 1-1/2 inch (without bail).  Cabochon thickness is approximately 1/4".
Bails are large (5x8mm opening) and plated with sterling silver.
Earring length is approximately 5/8 inches.  Pierced earring posts have a plated sterling silver stud and flexible nylon back.

Colors in picture may differ from true colors; picture background should appear gray.  Also, the billiance and depth of dichroic colors depends on the direction of lighting.
Glass surface is as pictured:  either a textured dichroic surface, a smooth glass coating, or a mix of smooth plus floating dichroic edge texturing.  Foundation glass color is usually black.

Prices on this page are typically $27 per set.

Additional Services:  

We can attach your pendant as a slider on a necklace of silver-plated metal, sterling silver chain, or leather cording.

Necklaces for Dichroic Glass Pendants

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