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Longaberger Products - Retired

The Longaberger Company is well known for their handcrafted baskets and home & lifestyle products, including pottery, wrought iron, and fabric accessories.  

See general description below links.

Basket Accessories - Dividers, Liners, Tie-Ons, Garters

Baskets - Many Include Protectors, Liners, or Dividers

Dishes and Dish Stands

Extras - Placemats, Napkins, Lamp Shades, Boyd's Figurines

Pottery - Cookie Molds

General Description

Longaberger retired products inventory has only one of each item listed, indicated by a unique product code.  They cannot be ordered from Longaberger.

Typical Condition:  Excellent.  Read item details for specifics and exceptions. 

Displayed color can differ slightly from actual color; image background should appear gray. 

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